Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dear Proud Members
Warm Greetings from Almora Online!
Thanks for your precious contribution to make the Almora Online club & website so popular among world -wide visitors. You'll be happy to know that we got approx 3 lac hits last year for this website.

It was small step commenced with few of our guys in our small district Almora, well-supported by each and every intellectual of Almora. We are very grateful to you, Now we would like to improve content of the website, make the site more helpful and make our bond more stronger, which is not possible again without your valuable support.

Any of the following ways you can support us:
* Share your Ideas to make the website better & more helpful for almoraites.
* Give us technical support.
* Contribute Photographs/ Movie/ blogs related to Almora to share with world.
* Give us information of less - known beautiful destinations, which will be published in this site to promote the tourism of small areas in our district and its surroundings.

To send your contribution, just mail us at or join the blog

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards
Team AlmoraOnline